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Products : Tools, Fasteners, And Sewer Equipment

TMS South carries Tools, Fasteners, And Sewer Equipment from most major manufacturers as well as some of the hard-to-find companies. Select from the list below to find the product information pages you need. Sections are listed alphabetically by manufacturer name.

Item # Description Sub Category Image
20100002 4in Force Cup Plunger Drain Openers
20100007 Telescopic Auger W/ Drop Head Drain Openers
20100010 Master Plunger Drain Openers
20100039 Boring Gimlet Sewer Equipment
20100056 Telescopic Auger 6' Drain Openers
20100057 Force Cup Samson 7505 Drain Openers
20100058 Telescoping Urinal Auger Drain Openers
20100059 Bull Dog Force Cup Drain Openers
20100061 Hand Held Mini Plunger Drain Openers
20100064 Toilaflex Toilet Plunger Drain Openers
20100066 3' Auger With Drop Head Drain Openers
20100067 TMS Plunger Bag Drain Openers
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