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Easily identify faucet stems with the latest app from TMS South


StemFinder is an easy-to-use app from Total Maintenance Solutions-South that allows professional plumbers and do-it-yourselfers alike to identify virtually any faucet stem with the tap of your smart phone. This FREE app contains a growing database of common faucet stems from every category commonly in use today. Whether you're looking for brass compression, washerless, ceramic, single-lever, diverter or metering stems, this app is the easiest and most efficent way to find exactly what you need.


StemFinder will help you find the stem you need and also links you to sources where you can order the stem or request additional information. The app will also allow you send photos of your stem directly to an expert at TMS South who can help you find the proper replacement part. The app is available immediately for iOS devices and is currently being finalized for Android. If you are an Android phone or tablet user you can use the mobile web version of StemFinder until the new app is available.

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