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Products : Master Product List

TMS South carries plumbing products & parts from most major manufacturers as well as some of the hard-to-find companies. Select from the list below to find the products you need. Items are listed alphabetically by part number.

Item # Description Sub Category Image
20200140 Zurn Hydrant Key Plumbing Specialty Tools
20200146 Wheel Handle Tan Woodford Hydrant Parts
20200147 9-1/2in Offset Wrench Wrenches
20200149 Basin Wrench Wrenches
20200150 Zurn Wonder Wrench Wrenches
20200151 Kohler Stem Wrench Wrenches
20200154 Basin Faucet Nut Wrench Wrenches
20200155 Faucet Handle Puller Plumbing Specialty Tools
20200156 8in Stubby Adjustable Wrench Wrenches
20200171 Stop Tailpiece Removal Tool Plumbing Specialty Tools
20200178 10in Smooth Jaw Pliers Pliers
20200179 Teeny Weeny Hack-Saw Blade Saws
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