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Products : Master Product List

TMS South carries plumbing products & parts from most major manufacturers as well as some of the hard-to-find companies. Select from the list below to find the products you need. Items are listed alphabetically by part number.

Item # Description Sub Category Image
20100068 TMS Auger Bag Drain Openers
20100070 Ridgid 3/4in X 50' Cable Sewer Equipment
20100077 36in Pump with 72in Discharge
20100160 4in High Neck Plunger Drain Openers
20100162 Heavy Duty Force Cup Plunger Drain Openers
20100163 6' Replacment Wire With Drain Openers
20100181 2in U-Cutter Sewer Equipment
20200003 Telescoping Basin Wrench Wrenches
20200004 Four-Way Sillcock Key Plumbing Specialty Tools
20200134 Deluxe Spud Wrench Wrenches
20200137 5/16in X 2in Square Brass Hydrant Key Plumbing Specialty Tools
20200139 Bubbler Spanner Wrench Wrenches
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